APOTECAcommunity 2010

In June 17th/18th  APOTECACommunity event took place by Loccioni. A meeting addressed to cytostatic drugs automatic preparation System users designed and developed by Loccioni humancare. Events like this are essential for the activity of Loccioni humancare since they are useful for finding information and hints to make the current solutions everyday more effective and productive. The meeting and conversation between Loccioni technicians and clinicians also allow to generate new ideas targeted to technological excellence and practitioners and patients lives improvement.On Friday morning, starting from the contents covered during last year’s event named “Focus Group on the future”, the modifications made and synthesized on APOTECAchemo were presented as well as  the new system collecting the ideas arisen in the Community 2009 regarding the productivity and also the integration with the cancer industry and the machine ergonomics.
To demonstrate the developments carried out in relation to integration, a Dry Run has been organized, that is a simulation of processes and activities all along the onco-haematological chain. Such simulation was very effective, since it opened a discussion to retrieve all the information needed to offer a service everyday more tailored to the patient and the health care operators.
The day ended with a session of Learning Games and workshops, activities useful to get essential input for new projects and issues to be examined within the hospital.
It was a really productive day, enhanced by collaborative people who are really committed and have a great sense of initiative and above all united by one goal: the wellness of the patient.

Special thanks to all community members.  

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