APOTECA is the automation and information platform for safe compounding of intravenous hazardous therapy. It makes every step of the production process programmable, controllable, traceable and analyzable.

APOTECAchemo is a robotic system capable of weighing the active ingredients and solutions, reconstituting powdered drugs, preparing syringes, bags and other final containers while safely loading and unloading the materials and preparations.

APOTECA integrates with the hospital information system (HIS), fully automates the complex and critical tasks related to the compounding of patient-specific chemotherapeutic admixtures, streamlines pharmacy operations and gives access to a full set of data on production.

APOTECA adds value to your pharmacy by improving the compounding process across multiple dimensions:

  • Patient safety. Patients are protected by a unified, redundant safety system of technological advances such as automatic recognition of products, an automated weighing system and a barcode labelling process for total accuracy.
  • Sterility. APOTECAchemo ensures sterility by utilizing five HEPA filters with total air exchanges every 2.3 seconds. This results in a self-contained chamber with ISO 5 compliance (in accordance with ISO 14644).
  • Safety for the pharmacy staff. The staff is protected from aerosols, vapors and accidental exposure by restricting interaction with hazardous medications. The compounding process takes place in a negative pressure, closed chamber, designed to prevent and contain and eliminate any form of contamination.
  • Accountability of the provider institution. APOTECA ensures a fully automated audit trail with the ability to define process surveillance alerts, intelligent workflow queuing and robust reporting for operational analytics.  This can be helpful with risk management and clinical trials data reporting.
  • Efficiency at an organizational and economical level. Optimize human resources by allowing pharmacists and technicians to focus on value-added tasks, reduce waiting times thanks to a full computerization, save costs due for compounding devices and paper management.
  • Full control on operations. Use a full set of analytics on system productivity, disposable consumption, overall production and savings.

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