Onco-hematology care path

APOTECA onco-hematology path

For humancare the goal is the Person wellness. The patient should be the focus of the entire course of treatment. In this policy of centralization of patient Loccioni humancare, once guaranteed the automation and control of the chemotherapy preparations, has worked on all phases of therapy.

The onco-hematology patient is guaranteed, even in the other steps, total control and traceability, achieving high quality and safety of the whole process. Humancare analyzed the workflow from the moment the patient enters the hospital until he goes out, focusing on the flows of information, people and materials. Then, critical points were underlined as they could be due to errors, delays, loss of information and confusion.


Within Lab@AOR, the innovation laboratory of Ancona University Hospital (AOR), Loccioni humancare team started the integration between the onco-hematology-wards and the Pharmacy Service. In the diagram above the following problems are shown:


  • Risk of transcription error and interpretation of the prescription.
  • Excessive use of paper.
  • Risk of loss of information.
  • Excessive dependence on human factors (distraction, stress, lack of experience, over-confidence …).
  • Bad time management.
  • Risk of occupational diseases.
  • Risk of errors in the administration phase (patient, drug, dose, infusion order, administration).

Taking into account this organization, Loccioni started working together to redesign the ideal workflow and resolve the critical issues through computerization and technology. In less than two months in the laboratory with a continuous comparison between clinicians and the scientific part of Loccioni humancare, conversation, analysis, research and development, they have evolved from the project to the realization of the ideal path, thus computerizing the entire route of onco-hematological therapy.

Onco-hematology path

There has been a first meeting in December 2009 focused on the presentation of the project plan, in February the presentation of the ideal engineered path and  in March the activity startup, reaching an excellent step of activity completion in May 2010, covering the entire hematology DH. In the second half of 2010 the integration with the Oncology Clinic was realized while in 2012 the one with the Pediatric Onco-Hematology ward. For the hospital pharmacy:

  • From 1,500 to 1,800 monthly preparations performed with APOTECAchemo (1,650 average)
  • More than 19,000 preparations in 2011
  • Automation of 90-95% of the daily activity

For the onco-hematology ward (May 2012):

  • 100% of the Hematology Clinic activity covered with the integrated path
  • 100% of the Oncological Clinic activity covered
  • 430 reviewed and validated protocols
  • 8,500 fully traced preparations from prescription to preparation and administration
  • 3,676 patients treated

The care has been totally integrated and safe as shown by the graph below.


Today, people, activities, therapies, times are completely controlled by ensuring the highest quality of service offered to the patient even in terms of human relations. The health operators protected by technology have the possibility to devote more time and a greater tranquillity to be transmitted to the person being treated. In 2013, the Safe and integrated onco-hematology workflow project has been reckoned by EAHP as a European good practice in hospital pharmacy within the Good Practice Initiatives program.