APOTECAcommunity gallery

September 2009
Focus Group on Future
The introduction of technology in work organizations, that has always been based on professionality and manual experience, allows care operators to acquire and improve systems management skills in order to measure performance, optimize efficiency and track best practices.
June 2010
APOTECAchemo for the best quality of oncological care
Automation improves and evolves into a well-defined product to meet the needs of all users.
But it is only through a shared strategy between oncologists, pharmacists, nurses and technicians that technology can give its greatest contribution.
June 2011
An integrated and safe onco-haematological path
A path of automation and computerization that started in the pharmacy with APOTECAchemo and continued in onco-hematology departments and that can be further spread and implemented. In this way technology becomes more and more human for the patient.
June 2012
Communicate to take care of patient
In a perspective of total quality, innovation and technology can not ignore the wellness
of the patient. The excellence of the service offered is also expressed by patient’s awareness and knowledge of the care path: he can face the therapy with peace of mind and autonomy.
August 2012
Network, tales, ideas
A strong International network of professionists within
the pharmaceutical field, the knowledge of APOTECAchemo and its own features, the discussions about scientific activities, drugs evolution and new developments in medical field are the right ingredients to design the future of the APOTECAcommunity.
June 2013
The fifth edition in a row of APOTECACommunity Italy.A look back to the work doneand a strong will keep innovating the hospital pharmacy.New developments of the APOTECA platform have start to be discussed and with users, receiving their feedback on how those should be to meet users’ need.
June 2013
First Community Germany
On June 12 Universitätsmedizin of Mainz hosted the first German edition of APOTECACommunity.
The event was an opportunity to talk about application of robotics in chemotherapy compounding with a group of leading Pharmacy experts from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
October 2013
A breakthrough in robotic IV compounding
On October 2-3, 2013, Cleveland Clinic hosted the firs-ever APOTECACommunity USA. Users from major USA cancer centers took part at the event and contributed with their expertise in making it a milestone in the history of APOTECACommunity.
May 2014
Patient, care, community
Wake Forest Baptist Health hosted the second edition of APOTECAcommunity USA meeting. Members of the USA Community shared the best practices in using the system and envisioned new strategies to better integrate it into pharmacy operations so to exploit its full potential.
June 2014
Delivering care across geography
Members of the Italian Community met for the sixth year in a row and we challenged them to widen the view on pharmacy practice, thinking about how geography, logistics and networking between centers can maximize the service offered to patients.
August 2014
Made for humans
2 days, 27 participants from 18 organizations in 10 countries, a total 135,000 km (84,000 miles) traveled to get to Angeli di Rosora (!), which makes over 3 times the Earth circumference. That was the outcome of the second international meeting of APOTECAcommunity members.