Where care happens: APOTECACommunity Italy 2014

APOTECACommunity Italy 2014

The first network of APOTECAchemo users, which we call APOTECACommunity, was born in Italy 6 years ago, when a quite small group of pharmacists passionate about innovation met up at Loccioni humancare headquarters to know each other and share ideas with the developers of the System.

At that time, the idea of building a Community to drive the future developments of APOTECA technology was little more than a dream. Continue reading

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APOTECACommunity USA 2014

On May 14-15, 2014, Wake Forest Baptist Health hosted the annual meeting of APOTECAchemo American users: APOTECACommunity USA.

Almost one year after the first edition in Cleveland Clinic, members of the Community met up in Winston-Salem to share their experiences and discover the new features included in the annual APOTECAchemo annual upgrade released by Loccioni’s R&D. Continue reading

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Our innovation journey

APOTECACommunity On The Road 2014

Innovation is not “now and forever”. To stay at the cutting edge, even the most advanced technology needs to be updated so to keep up with new needs of the users.

Healthcare is no exception. At Loccioni humancare, we know that delivering innovative solutions for hospital pharmacy as APOTECAchemo needs to continuously listen to feedback coming from users and to evolve the system according to them. Continue reading

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Pharmacy automation project in Denmark

Christian Brincker Thiesen and Tina Clock Wrønding

In 2012 Region Hovedstadens Apotek, Denmark’s largest hospital pharmacy, started with Loccioni humancare a new plan for the automation and control of chemotherapy production.

This involves much more than a robot: it is indeed a wide project aiming at integrating the production workflow of three compounding sites in the Region under a comprehensive, secure and efficient technological and IT framework.

Continue reading

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APOTECAchemo unveiling at Macerata Hospital

APOTECAchemo Ospedale di Macerata

From January 24, 2014, APOTECAchemo system for robotic IV compounding is up and running at the Hospital Pharmacy of Macerata Hospital, in Italy.

The system developed by Loccioni humancare comes from an investment of the Carima Foundation to make oncology patient care safer and more efficient.

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APOTECACommunity 2013 milestones

APOTECACommunity 2013 milestones

If we had to summarize APOTECACommunity’s 2013 in a phrase, it would be beyond expectations.

Born as laboratory of continuous engineering, designed to bring improvements to the APOTECA platform by making developers and users interact on a daily base, the Community has quickly become something more: an international scientific network of professionals aiming to lead the field of robotics application in hospital pharmacy. Continue reading

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