APOTECACommunity 2013 milestones

APOTECACommunity 2013 milestones

If we had to summarize APOTECACommunity’s 2013 in a phrase, it would be beyond expectations.

Born as laboratory of continuous engineering, designed to bring improvements to the APOTECA platform by making developers and users interact on a daily base, the Community has quickly become something more: an international scientific network of professionals aiming to lead the field of robotics application in hospital pharmacy.

The scientific approach of the group has clearly emerged in 2013 and has contributed in enlarging the sound base of scientific studies on APOTECAchemo.

Here’s our personal list of the best Community moments of 2013:

  • Open House event in Denmark. An amazing 3-days event arranged to inaugurate the integration of APOTECAchemo at Rigshospitalet. Suppliers, customers and employees from the hospital came by with their families to see the robot in operation!
  • APOTECACommunity meeting in Germany. A great opportunity to share ideas on automatic compounding with a group of leading pharmacy experts from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, hosted by Universitatsmedizin of Mainz.
  • APOTECACommunity Italy. For the fifth year in a row, the Italian workgroup met at Loccioni facilities to talk about future developments of the APOTECA platform.
  • The first APOTECACommunity USA. Users from the American centers adopting APOTECA technology took part in a two-days event at Cleveland Clinic (OH) and contributed with their expertise in developing a fresh view on automatic compounding.

It’s now time to plan the new year, which will be marked by the second APOTECACommunity International, scheduled for august 28-29, 2014. That event will gather users and opinion leaders from all over the world in Italy, to give a new contribution in defining what’s next in pharmacy automation.

We look forward to that.

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