Scientific review of APOTECAchemo implementation at Cleveland Clinic


A new article1 on APOTECAchemo has been recently published on the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy (AJHP), the official publication of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP).

This publication marks an outstanding milestone for the international scientific network of APOTECAchemo users (APOTECACommunity), and the first scientific-based report on the system published in an US journal.

The study on Implementation of an iv compounding robot in a hospital-based cancer center pharmacy was conducted by Angela Yaniv and Scott Knoer, respectively Assistant Director of Pharmacy and Chief Pharmacy Officer at Cleveland Clinic – and both members of APOTECACommunity.

The paper reports a wide set of data on system validation performed according to Ohio State Board of Pharmacy (BOP) regulations. Prior to the approval of any new technology, BOP requires to collect data to demonstrate that the system performs as expected and that the standard operating procedures in place support the safe use of the technology.

As reported, according with BOP requirements, 100% manual verification of the APOTECAchemo’s actions was conducted for over 5 months at Cleveland Clinic. After that, the hospital pharmacy was permitted to scale back verification activities based on demonstrated system performance.

APOTECAchemo is the first system for automatic compounding of IV therapies to perform and pass BOP’s strict procedure of quality assessment.

[1] Implementation of an i.v.-compounding robot in a hospital-based cancer center pharmacy, American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy November 15, 2013 vol. 70 no. 22 2030-2037.

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