The sensing hospital

Green@Hospital Loccioni AGORA

Imagine an hospital that senses what’s going on and adapts to that so to ensure greatest level of comfort, safety and sustainability. It automatically turns the lights on and off at patient’s transit, dims them according to external irradiation, guarantees optimal level of heating ,cooling and ventilation, monitors external climate and workloads.

Green@Hospital aims exactly to that model of a sensing hospital. It takes into account processes, technologies and buildings and integrates them into an intelligent system in which every element is connected to all the others. As a result, hospital workflow gains efficiency in both the “where it happens” and the “how it happens”.

According to those premises, a specific set of ICT solutions for energetic sustainability is been developed and tested under real operating conditions in each of the four pilot hospitals involved in the project (Fundacio Sanitaria de Mollet, Chania Saint George, Servicio Andaluz de Salud and Ospedali Riuniti). The target is to develop a totally integrated system where latest technologies and new ways of working deliver together real benefits for both patients and the environment.

When it comes to AOR, the goal is to enhance energetic sustainability throughout the entire oncologic process, form prescription to administration. After having redesigned that workflow form a clinical perspective with the Lab@AOR project, Loccioni humancare is now working on lighting systems and data center efficiency. First outcomes shows excellent savings potentials.

As a result, patients and workers will benefit of a greater level of comfort, having optimal lighting conditions and an efficient cooling for AGORÀ affecting every step of the process, while the hospital can get consistent energy and cost savings and a continuous consumption monitoring.

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