The healthcare innovation lab

Lab@AOR - Healthcare innovation at Ancona Hospital

Ever since its inception in 2007, Lab@AOR has been the innovation center of Ancona Hospital. Within the laboratory, hospital clinicians and engineers from Loccioni humancare collaborate in developing technological solutions aiming at improving patient safety, energetic sustainability and workflow efficiency. In doing that, they integrate technologies, re-engineer processes and redesign buildings.

The laboratory is focused on:

Processes. Energetic sustainability of the oncologic workflow is now in the spotlight: since Green@Hospital showed that in some room up to 90% of the energy goes wasted, we’re committed in developing ICT solutions to improve efficiency.
Products. The Lab has already developed APOTECAchemo and AGORÀ. Together with the Community, it has helped a continuous tuning of the solutions on user needs.
People. Participating in envisioning session, a multidisciplinary group of clinicians built up a platform of values that defines their mission as healthcare professionals. They are now developing a shared evaluation framework based on those values. That will rise the workplace wellness to new heights.

Lab@AOR represents a good example of public-private parnership (PPP), and an extremely intense practice of multidisciplinary dialogue among different stakeholders: nurses, physicians, pharmacists, technicians, health manager and engineers seat at the same table to share ideas on how to deliver innovative healthcare.

The Lab is a summary of Loccioni way of working, that implies a constant mixing of clinical and industrial competencies to foster innovation. That’s why it has been cited by Henry Chesbrough as a model of open innovation in his recent book Open Services Innovation.

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