APOTECACommunity: a safer and more sustainable hospital pharmacy

Italian APOTECACommunity 2013

For the fifth year in a row, Italian members of APOTECACommunity met at Loccioni humancare facilities to talk about future developments of APOTECA platform.

Almost 40 managers, physicians, pharmacists and nurses took part at the event. They came from Italian Hospitals that already use Loccioni humancare technology for the automatic compounding of hazardous drugs.

The focus of this year Community was on the future of hospital pharmacy, which attendees were asked to re-imagine taking into account service and sustainability. Intelligent redesigning of hospital structures and ergonomics are indeed a priority for Loccioni humancare, which started a project in collaboration with the Japanese designer Isao Hosoe, with the aim of making hospital pharmacy safer and more energetically efficient.

Outcomes of APOTECACommunity are both clinical and scientific. From a scientific point of view, the Community helped collaboration between professionals, thus fostering the publication of three multicenter studies presented during EAHP 2013 Congress.  It also triggered a virtuous competition on automation usage: as a result of this, the total number of automatically compounded therapies keeps increasing and reaches 90% of total production in many Italian Hospitals using APOTECAchemo.

June Community meeting gave a strong contribution to future projects, tanks to its members’ curiosity and passion. And that’s what makes APOTECACommunity a model cited by open innovation guru Henry Chesbrough in its book Open Services Innovation.

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