APOTECA 2013: Community on the road…again!

Loccioni humancare restarts the travel and also this time the protagonists are all the sites and all the people of APOTECACommunity.

Like last year Loccioni humancare goes towards every places, where APOTECAchemo is working with profits, sharing the passion of numbers, engineering and automation with the competence of the hospital’s specialists.

The Community On The Road is an important moment of comparison between the humancare team and the hospital clinicians aimed at improving the techologies, to exchange some good advices and to establish a direct ‫dialogue with the users of APOTECAchemo.
This Community very well represents the humancare modus operandi based on conversation, comparison and knowledge sharing.
Actually this kind of Community is well known in Italy and thanks to the success recorded, Loccioni humancare is planning to extend this format to the others partner countries.

The precious feedback gathered in the 2012 edition have been valued by humancare’s engineers and analyzed by scientific referees: this is the occasion for sharing new features and ideas. The developments of APOTECAchemo 2013 will be shown, focusing on continuous improvement and conversation.

The Community On The Road will end in May, before the traditional and well-known meeting APOTECACommunity Italy 2013, that will be held on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st of June in Loccioni headquarter. The calendar of visits will be shared in the next days when the Community team, led by Martina, will contact all the community members.

The key words of the event are: strengthening relationships, sharing human values, growing together.

We’re coming!

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