Loccioni humancare in ADI Design Index book

AGORÀ, the sustainable and innovative data center designed by Isao Hosoe with Loccioni humancare and Lorenzo De Bartolomeis, has been selected by the Observatory of Design ADI (Association Industrial Design) for the annual publication of ADI DESIGN INDEX 2012 which collects the best Italian design.

AGORÀ was born in the Lab@AOR, in collaboration with Ospedali Riuniti di Ancona. It monitors the processes of care in real time and makes available information to health practitioners increasing the services for the patients.

Data and values are collected and analyzed to restructure, reorganize and optimize processes and resources in terms of sustainability, making the care safe, manageable and completely reliable.
As the oncology workflow: the data for the prescription are interfaced with the patients registry, APOTECAchemo automatically prepares the personalized therapy that is administered with a final safety check on the bed side and the results of the treatment are collected in the repository.

AGORÀ is the place where all streams converge: energy, information, security. But it is also a meeting place for knowledge and experience exchange.
Being included in the Index is a great pride for businesses and designers, as the selection is very tough and is based on criteria of innovation and research, but also ethics and social commitment – says Luisa Bocchietto, ADI President – Projects that come in ‘INDEX leading figure in the world of Italian design unique, ironic, poetic and refined“.

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