Looking for wellness

Wellness is a concept increasingly associated with health which is no longer seen as “absence of illness” but as a total harmony of psycho-physical conditions.

As published on Il Sole 24 Ore Sanità (3rd-9th July 2012) article, in about 10 years, 10% of Italian adults has gained a pro-active attitude to health, namely, researching and optimizing their own wellness by adopting healthy life styles. The tendency is to look beyond one’s own health through treatment and prevention, avoiding drugs and preferring dietary supplements, not trusting products but rather assuming healthy attitudes.

Isabella Cecchini, HealthCare Department Director in GfK Eurisko, also specifies in the article that the citizen is more qualified, careful, aware and informed about health topics. He has also acquired skills of empowerment: the health information and the personal experiences are more and more shared and consulted thanks to the spreading use of internet and social networks.
The individual empowerment has so widespread that there is the necessity to re-define the traditional relationship patient-clinician: the first one, conscious and manager of his own health, may commit himself to the second one whose role is very crucial.

Loccioni humancare, in his own activity, has treated and considered issues as health, wellness and relationship between clinician-patient for some time. The solutions designed and developed are always  targeted to human needs in terms of health, nutrition and wellness.

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