Good health practice is APOTECAchemo

Strengthen people trust on Public Health Service. With this aim, on 26th June F.I.A.S.O. (Italian Federation of Hospital and local Health Agencies) and the Parliament Commission for the protection and promotion of prevention right have organized a Meeting at Sala Capitolare of Senate of Italy.

“To Promote, supervise, manage and monitor Good Public Health” is the heading of the Meeting: on the base of the best practises described in the Libro Bianco, published by F.I.A.S.O, it aims to strengthen the public trust and to fight back misleading  information on healthcare malpractices.
The computerization and automation of oncologic path  at AOR Ospedali Riuniti di Ancona  has been one of the  four best practices selected for this convention.

General Manager, Dr Paolo Galassi has highlighted the public-private partnership between the Hospital and Loccioni humancare, born in 2006 with APOTECAchemo, the first fully automated system for the preparation of cytostatic drugs. The agreement includes the fulfilment of Lab@AOR, a laboratory of ideas, for the research, development and transfer of organization methods and innovative technological solutions to improve the hospital quality, efficiency and sustainability.

The project has been carried out installing the Robot System in the Hospital Pharmacy and then, standardizing and re-organizing  care paths in the wards in order to efficiently computerize the whole oncological work flow.

Thanks to APOTECA, onco-hematological path is totally safe, it avoids  any form of contamination: risks and high possibility of errors in manual dosing and preparation are eliminated. The health operators protected by technology have the possibility to devote more time and a greater tranquillity to be transmitted to the person being treated. The patient.
Best practices explanation has been preceded by the speeches of politics and health experts.
Sen. Antonio Tomassini, President of XII Health Commission has praised all Good Health Best Practices and has pointed out the continuous improvement of National Health Service in Italy, despite present challenging economic period.

In “Managing good health practices“ session, Fulvio Moirano, Age.Na.S. General Director has described the efficacy, efficiency and patient empowerment aspects of Programma Nazionale Valutazione Esiti (PNVE) that allows the health system stakeholders to obtain data and information on provided services.

Sen. Laura Bianconi has underlined the relevance of Libro Bianco as good Practices should be more widely spread and communicated: good news should be amplified so that good practices can be transferred and used elsewhere.

The speech of Sen. Ignazio Marino, President of Parliament Commission of National Health Service efficacy and efficiency has been much appreciated; he has focussed the attention on local service and prevention.

Dr. Giovanni Monchiero, President of F.I.A.S.O, has closed the meeting, emphasizing the fact that efficiency and quality of the service come from  acknowledgement
In addition, he has praised the relevance and quality of the work done to reach the national best practices that have mostly been obtained at very low costs or even free of cost
He has added that the excellence always arises from passion and goodwill of single person or small groups, being the main  and essential driving force of National Health Service.

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