APOTECAcommunity 2012

From 14th to 15th June 2012 the fourth edition of APOTECACommunity took place. It is the meeting for the users of the System designed for the automated compound of chemotherapy drugs. The meeting goal is to discuss about APOTECA new uploads and to define future activities starting from suggestions and needs arisen from the Community itself.

The first day, after the introduction of the last System uploads, the clinicians invited had the chance to delve into their curiosity, to resolve doubts and discover the hardware and software news through demonstrative demos and expositive spaces fit out in humancare areas.

The next day, for about two hours, the Community discussed about necessities, needs and lacks noticed during the daily execution of the activities. Loccioni humancare team wrote down all the proposes and requests in order to organize next development steps.

After this first session, the attention was focused on communication to the patients), topic treated during the Community ON THE ROAD too. The human needs are the main focus of Loccioni humancare activity. The illness and its effects are often ignored and the same happens for the path care process and the importance of control and safety, necessary in this kind of therapy, from the prescription phase to the administration one.
The Community worked and planned the future around the table of its workshop. It figured out its own perfect patient communication through the bricolage using magazines, papers, scissors and glue.

The outcome was three very different moodboards but vey closed to the real patient needs.

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