Fourteenth step: APOTECAcommunity at Bolognini of Seriate

Last 13th March, after the meeting at IEO of Milan, APOTECACommunity stopped at Bolognini Hospital of Seriate . Dr Angelo Barcella, director of the pharmacy, and Dr. Maria Teresa Benzoni welcomed Loccioni humancare team.

It has been an interesting meeting that gathered the leading professional people dealing with APOTECAchemo such as Dr. Davide Zenoni internal manager of APOTECA project and all the nurses.

All of them suggested a lot of topics and a big amount of development and implementation proposals have come out. Loccioni humancare team collected their helpful tips and is still working on them. A month later, some interesting solutions have already been developed.

Also in this step, APOTECACommunity acquired a considerable amount of information drugs validation, cleaning tools, pharmacy-oncologic department software integration and patient communication material improvement that will be re-organized and re-elaborated in the next months.

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