Fifteenth step: APOTECAcommunity at IRST of Meldola

APOTECACommunity ON THE ROAD ended with the last step at IRST of Meldola on 13th April.

A very interesting meeting where numerous clinicians from the hospital pharmacy and oncologic department have been involved.
Dr. Carla Masini,
responsible for APOTECAchemo, managed everything in order to obtain the participation of Cristina Cuni, referent of laboratory technicians, a considerable number of pharmacy staff and some representatives of the oncologic department .

The meeting has  been the right occasion to share the needs and problems of each professional figure involved in the oncologic patient therapy workflow.

Useful ideas for new solutions development  have been highlighted. The presence of IRST press attachés (in the persons of Valentina Ravaioli and Francesco Mazza) has been really appreciated. The aim is always to share the mutual knowhow in order to give value to their own activities.

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