APOTECA wins Leonardo da Vinci award


Loccioni Group received, thanks to APOTECA, the International LEONARDO DA VINCI Award, given by AIPA (Italian Association Industrial Designers) created to give value to Industrial Designers.
The award is assigned to all those who have brought a considerable contribution to the public interest through remarkable innovative realizations in the technical field.

Corporates and companies which have divulged products with Italian design, could present themselves as  candidates.

Loccioni Group has been selected thanks to its activity of “Research for Innovation” and APOTECA solution. Two projects dedicated to the development of studies, conversations and long run realizations intended to the improvement of life quality. The Group was considered as one of the most innovative enterprises in Europe.
The motivation given was: “In 40 years of activity Loccioni has transformed a craft company into an industrial enterprise spread all over the world. It is one of the best examples of companies in Marche region.
The simplicity, modesty, availability to learn are the essential rules of this company”.

The other two winners have been Roberto Gorza, innovation creator for different international brands (rollerblade, ski and pushchairs closable with just one hand) and James Dyson owner of Dyson Group and father of the famous vacuum cleaner without trash bag and of the ventilator without fans.


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