Fourth step: APOTECAcommunity at Taormina

Last  14th and 15th February APOTECACommunity ON THE ROAD visited San Vincenzo hospital of Taormina (Sicily).

Dr. Cinzia Ciraldo, responsible for APOTECA  project, introduced all the hospital clinicians involved in the therapy workflow of the oncologic patient  to the Loccioni humancare representatives.
A lot of suggestions and ideas about the communication to the patient arrived from Dr. Francesco Ferraù, director of Oncologic Sciences Department including Oncologic Surgery, Haematology, Imaging Department and Otolaryngologist as well.

The pharmacy clinicians demonstrated a dept collaboration and a huge availability to discuss and bring themselves into question. It was interesting to notice as the pharmacy nurses want to use APOTECA System even more day after day. They appreciate it because it is the unique way to work in complete safety.

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