Learning the good life style while playing

“When the game generates health” is the title of an article published on Il Sole 24 Ore Sanità (a weekly medical supplement of Il Sole 24 Ore, the Italian economical newspaper relative to the period 20th December – 2nd January) whose theme is the relevance of the “gamification” used to orient the social habit.

In fact, in a study realized by Jane McGonigal in 2011 , the play component comes up as helping in understanding nowadays world and stimulating the virtual social behaviors.
According to the designer/researcher, the game engages and stimulates people as a whole perceiving it as a memorable moment.

For these reasons in the last years “Serious Game” has become a hot topic, the two words identifying the games that do not merely entertain but take care of relevant social, political and economical themes. In fact, the possibility to promote the health care with the gamification could be taken in consideration.

The Serious Game (word introduced by Woodrow Wilson Center for International scholars in Washington D.C. in 2002) could be a useful instrument to: publicize the good public award, modify a behavior and the political, spiritual and social improvement of an individual or a society.

In this way,, the clinics from Modena experimented the use of game dynamics in 2011 in order to spread good style life during the territorial program “Comunicazione e Promozione della Salute” (Health Communication and Promotion).
Two games were realized in November and December. The format was multiple-choice questions focused on health and sustainable style life. At the end of the game it could be possible to check out the right answers with links on each topic. 

The games gained a considerable success (2,040 people participated to it) and they were really appreciated by the female public. It was considered as a playful, efficient and fast learning method by the public opinion advising to consult and use them constantly. Someone suggested those kinds of games in educative spaces considering them very useful. 

The initiative of Modena demonstrates as there are all the assumptions to start and develop the real health game.

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