APOTECA at PharmacOn

The 1st and 2nd December the annual meeting of PharmacOn, il laboratorio di idee in farmacia oncologica (the laboratory of ideas in oncologic pharmacy) organized by Roche under the patronage of  SIFO (Italian Society of Hospital Pharmacy and of Pharmaceutical Services of Sanitary Company) took place at Cenobio dei Dogi hotel of Camogli.

Dr. Andrea Marinozzi, Dr. Carla Masini and Dr. Sabrina Beltramini spoke during the IV session titled “Managing and organization aspects  and operative experiences” moderated by Dr. Angelo Palozzo. The topic was “New technologies: professional contributes” and they shared the respective experiences in hospital pharmacy with APOTECA System installed.

Dr. Marinozzi explained the whole development and implementation workflow of APOTECA System at his pharmacy made possible through the lab of ideas placed at United Hospitals of Ancona since the beginning of the private-public collaboration between the hospital and Loccioni humancare.

Dr. Masini working at IRST hospital of Meldola showed the study she is doing on automated compound assets compared with manual compounding. While carrying out this analysis she is considering timing and control safety aspects. Although it is not finished yet, the partial results are very positive as APOTECA was installed in a completely computerized and integrated context.

From IRCCS AOU San Martino – IST of Genoa where APOTECA has been installed for more one year, Dr. Beltramini elucidated as she organized the pharmacy activity in order to totally integrate automation to the daily compounding activity. In a very short time at IST of Genoa it was possible to have the automation running at the top speed thanks to the computerized  integration from prescription to administration, a relevant point to guarantee the best safety.

The speeches  were so successful to generate growing animated and interesting discussions among spectators and speakers.

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