APOTECA and Ancona hospital as sanitary best practice

The F.I.A.S.O. meeting titled “The best Sanitary in practice” (La Buona Sanità in Pratica) took place last 6th December in Rome. In that instance Osservatorio F.I.A.S.O. introduced the results of their survey about best practice in Italian sanitary system.

AOU United hospitals of Ancona distinguishes itself in more categories: two awards in Local Assistance, one in Pertinence and Quality of cares, one in Technological Innovation and two in Management Efficiency, one given to APOTECA, Loccioni humancare System compounding anticancer drugs in automated way and integrating the whole onco-hematology workflow.
The awards were a relevant result for Ancona hospital reached thanks to Gino Tosolini, the ex-General Director missed some months ago but greatly commemorated by Giovanni Monchiero, President of F.I.A.S.O.

The book “Libro bianco della Buona Sanità” which resumes all best cases collected by Osservatorio F.I.A.S.O, has in fact, been dedicated to Dr. Tosolini memory. He has been a good example of human and professional person in service of sanitary system promoting the best practice. His qualities are demonstrated by the experiences of his hospital proposed to the Osservatorio.

Among the participants to the event: Valerio Fabio Alberti (Vice President of F.I.A.S.O. and  Manager of the Osservatorio), Fosco Foglietta (President of CUP 2000), Nicola Pinelli (Director of F.I.A.S.O. research) and Americo Cicchetti (Professor of Industrial Organization at Cattolica Sacro Cuore University of Rome). They showed the Osservatorio goals spotting  the methodology of selection and evaluation of all the experiences applied.

The speech of sociologist Domenico De Masi was largely interesting. He spoke about “The knowledge management in complex systems: evaluation and communication” introducing 10 new trends and anticipating the society of 2020.

The congress closed with the round table moderated by Ferdinando Romano (Vice-President of F.I.A.S.O.) and with the participation of Fulvio Moirano (Director of AGENAS), Teresa Petrangolini (National Secretary of Cittadinanzattiva), Annalisa Silvestro (President of IPASVI) and Domenico Iscaro (National President of ANAAO Assomed).

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