Yesterday 8th November, within the column dedicated to medicine during the national broadcast of RAI1, a special about the chemotherapy care during pregnancy was on the air, and APOTECAchemo by Loccioni humancare has been introduced, too.

The oncologist Dr. Lucia Del Mastro of IST – National Institute for the Research on Cancer of Genoa exposed  the new anticancer cares which allow to become mother during the chemotherapy.
The totally computerized and integrated oncologic workflow from prescription to administration at IST of Genoa has been shown during the broadcast column.
The whole therapy is fully controlled and safe as APOTECAchemo System has been installed in the institute pharmacy thanks to the director Dr. Maria Attialia Grassi and Dr. Sabrina Beltramini.
As Dr. Beltramini explained, the System automates a process which is normally realized manually by a technician. It is a very high risk procedure since chemotherapy drugs are extremely toxic.

The use of this last generation robot is therefore relevant for the compound of anticancer drugs thus confirming once again the consolidated quality of IST services.

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