APOTECA at Messina University

The 17th November, Dr. Anna Maria Cinzia Ciraldo pharmacist manager at Antiblastic Drugs Unit of San Vincenzo Hospital of Taormina hold the third and last lesson by the University of Messina in occasion of the hospital pharmacy specialization course of Prof. Mariaelena Galati.

APOTECA: the automation at the service of oncologic department of Taormina” was the title of the first lesson starting from the description of “Antiblastic Drugs Unit” (U.F.A. in Italian) to that of automation inside pharmacy.

The two themes of automation and centralization represent very important aspects Dr. Ciraldo well exposed, by explaning positive aspects such as the increasing quality of preparations, the extended safety for patients and technicians and the reduced deal of wastes.
The doctor showed the important concept of safety in APOTECAchemo system, the robot for the automatic compound of chemotherapy drugs , very useful to get totally safe customized therapy preparations without contamination risk for the operator working at the system.
The rule of the pharmacist has been increased in value with the introduction of the robot in the unit: focused on more relevant activities related to his professional expertise, the pharmacist has less control duties.
When APOTECA is installed the pharmacy activities must be re-organized in order to get an optimization of the whole therapy processes and an improvement of care quality given to the patient; in fact, each preparation dosage is completely traced and verified by different control systems.

Dr. Ciraldo brought a small excellence from Sicily to the university: Taormina Hospital is the only clinic of the island to own APOTECAchemo.

In the following lessons the attention was on drugs and on incompatibility and stability of the chemotherapic in solution drugs and on all phases and issues of therapy compound.

The main topic of the second lesson was the Oncology Drugs Register undergoing a strict monitoring. Dr. Ciraldo put the stress on what they are, on the reasons for compounding them and on how they should be used.

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