SIFO 2011

Last week the 32nd edition of SIFO National Congress (Italian Society of Hospital Pharmacy and of Pharmaceutics Services of Sanitary Company – Società Italiana di Farmacia Ospedaliera e dei Servizi Farmaceutici delle Aziende Sanitarie) took place with the title “The new technologies: how does Sanity change?”. As technology in pharmaceutical field was the main topic of the congress, occasions for discussing about APOTECAchemo were numerous. 

In two different sessions both Dr. Celestino Bufarini from of Ancona University Hospital Pharmacy ad Dr. Carla Masini from IRST Pharmacy (Scientific Institute for the Study and the Care of Tumor in Romagna Region) presented APOTECAchemo System in its own working contest.

In “The pharmaceutical quality concept and extemporary pharmaceutics preparations” session Dr. Bufarini illustratedOncologic galenic: quality increases with the use of robots” talking about systems of quali-quantitative control of oncologic preparations. Later on he spoke about the evolution of the way to compound drugs in his own pharmacy.
Nowadays his Antiblastic Drugs Unit (U.Ma.Ca) disposes of two Systems to compound antiblastic preparations in an automatic way. In Ancona the 90-95% prescriptions arriving from oncology and haematology departments are automatically prepared.  
The whole care onco-heamatologic workflow is totally safe in Ancona hospital thanks to the re-organization and informatization of all processes.
A goal reached thanks to Lab@AOR, the laboratory of ideas instituted by Loccioni humancare in Ancona hospital to better develop APOTECA project through the continuous dialogue and opinion exchange between Loccioni engineers and pharmacy clinicians.  

The laboratory is growing up from Ancona and now it involves all hospitals owning APOTECAchemo: it has created APOTECACommunity, a series of annual meetings where clinicians of hospital partners are invited making their contribution to define new standards in oncology care.  

Dr. Carla Masini of IRST Pharmacy of Meldola is a member of the Community. She also assisted at SIFO in the “The technological development in management organizational models” exposing her pharmacy. She talked about all the instruments used in her pharmacy to compound drugs in a safe and controlled way.
She showed the study about the qualitative, organizational and economic impact of APOTECAchemo in her pharmacy as regards to the manual way of compounding. The data shown were very interesting even if the study has not been finished yet.

Considering that the main theme of this SIFO edition is new technologies in Sanity, APOTECAchemo was illustated on different posters exposed at the congress presented by Community hospitals:
- Bolognini hospital of Seriate: Paola Amadeo, Davide Zenoni, Maria Teresa Benzoni 
- University Hospital of Ancona: Cestino Bufarini; Andrea Marinozzi, Sabrina Guglielmi, Matteo Sestili, Andrea Caprodossi, Paola Lucidi , Anna Maria Vetruccio , Antonia Capogna , Catia Cortese , Giuseppe Guzzini 
 - IEO-European Institute of Oncology of Milano: Martina Milani, Emanuela Omodeo Salè
- IST- National Institute for the Cancer Research: Sabrina Beltramini, B. Bonalumi, Elisabetta Sasso, Maria Attilia Grassi

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