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On October the 5th Dr Carla Masini, Pharmacy of IRST Hospital in Meldola, and Dr. Andrea Marinozzi, Pharmacy of AOU Riuniti Hospital in Ancona, gave two lectures for the Master Course in “Manager di Dipartimenti Farmaceutici” at the University of Camerino. Both spoke about their experiences, in some respects very similar but at the same time very divergent, too.

In both hospitals the oncological therapy is entirely automatized and the all flow is computerized; however, the process has been successfully developed in different times and ways.

On the one hand, in the AOU Hospital of Ancona the computerization of the onco-hematology flow has been developed in the field of automation; on the other hand, at the IRST Hospital in Meldola it was the automation that models itself after a flow previoulsy computerized.

Dr.ssa Masini’s lecture, titled “The hospital for the oncological patient: from prescription to the computerized management of therapies” has touched upon the questions related to the field of oncology and therapy, and the difficulties concerning the oncological flow, underlining all the patient’s needs from prescription to medication of drugs. The presentation shows how much the computerization and the automation are necessary steps to be done within the management of clinical risks. The Doctor has concluded her speech presenting the data concerning the activities of the Pharmacy of Romagna.

Dr. Marinozzi, conversely, has focused his presentation on the clinical testing in onco-hematology: a field continuously growing seen the importance that the oncological therapies have in the sanitary field. He has then touched upon the organization within the pharmacy in the Riuniti Hospital of Ancona, in that in the last years it has evolved and modified introducing the automation within the compounding of chemiotherapy drugs. A change taking place in 2006 thanks to the starting of a project of collaboration with Loccioni humancare.

Nowadays, Ancona Antiblastic Drugs Unit (U.Ma.Ca.) has two Systems dedicated to the automatic compounding of chemiotherapy drugs preparing more than 90% of all prescripted therapies. Each compound that the pharmacy prepares is controlled and safe: the vial is weighed both before and after the compounding. The automation and the computerization has considerably implemented the quality within the working place; as a matter of course, the users are no more exposed to the toxicity of drugs.

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