“Nice Company” within Public Health Service

Claudio Loccioni, Manager of Loccioni humancare, namely a business unit of Loccioni Group, has been invited to the F.I.A.S.O. meeting, that will take place next Friday 7th of October at Villa Pace in Messina and will be entitled “Il benessere organizzativo come leva delle performance aziendali. Quali strategie per una Nice Company in Sanità?” (The organizational welfare as a lever of business performances. Which strategies to adopt for a Nice Company within Public Health Service? ).
The conference will be about themes concerning welfare within the working environment seen as a result of an optimum relationship between people and the organization  they belong to.
The meeting hopes to identify which are the good pratices that can improve the atmosphere within working environments and, at the same time, people’s living standards.

The meeting  day will be divided in two moments: on the one hand, the first part  will be turned to analyse the added value  brough by the organizational welfare within working processes whereas the second part will aim to identify, through a round-table, the strategies which are at the root of the success of the “Nice Company”.
The first part will be chaired by Enrico Salvi, Director of Struttura Complessa di Psicologia Clinici, AUSL 12 in Versilia and by Bruna Zani, Professor of Psicologia di Comunità, at University of Bologna. Lorenzo Terranova, Science Director of F.I.A.S.O., will coordinate the debate.

During the second part, that will be chaired by Giuseppe Pecoraro, General Manager of AOU Policlinico “G. Martino” will intervene: Giovanni Monchiero, F.I.A.S.O. President, Commissario ASL CN 1 and ALS CN 2; Maurizio Guizzardi, General Manager of Assessorato della Salute della Regione Siciliana; Giancarlo Sassoli, General Manager of AUSL 12 Viareggio; Claudio Loccioni, Loccioni humancare Manager; Gilberto Dondé, AD Great Place To Work; Luigi Burgio, Boehringer Ingelheim; Daniele Saglietti, Manager of Struttura Complessa di Psicologia Clinica, ALS CN 2; Maurizio Ballistreri, Professor of  Diritto del Lavoro, University of Messina; Sergio Iavicoli, Director of Dipartimento Medicina del Lavoro of INAIL; Gioacchinio Lavanco, Professor of Psicologia delle Comunità, University of Palermo; Maria Assunta Giannini, President of CUG (Comitato Unico di Garanzia), Ministry for Health; Giuseppe Massazza, Director of Struttura Complessa “Programmazione e Controllo di Gestione”, Azienda Ospedaliera CTO “M. Adelaide” of Turin and Vice-president of SIMM (Società Italiana Medici Manager).

The meeting day will be concluded with the speech of Massimo Russo, councillor in charge of the municipal health service of Sicily Region.

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