Abruzzo welcomed APOTECA

Last 21st of September APOTECAchemo was installed at l’ASL 01 in Avezzano-Sulmona-L’Aquila . This is the first hospital of the Abruzzo region to choose the automation within the pharmacy.

Despite the restoration of the whole hospital, ASL 01 in L’Aquila has looked ahead, renewing not only the premises of the Pharmacy but also the quality and safety of the service offered to all patients.

APOTECA system is only the first step towards achieving the goal of the installation of Log80 within the ward of oncology and, consequently, of the integration of all the oncologic workflow.

As soon as the premises of the Pharmacy will be ready for occupation, Loccioni humancare technicians will train nurses and pharmacists as follows:
- first stage of training using placebo solutions
- second and last stage of training compounding chemioterapy preparations that will be  given to patients.

The choice of ASL 01 L’Aquila has been far-seeing and well-weighed in so far as the economic evaluation is concerned. The hospital strongly wanted APOTECAchemo appreciating its utility and its added value. This wish has been proved by Dr. Serena Corridoni, Liberatore Esther, Anna Giampietro and Irene Centi Secatore who, even though they never used the System, were present at the annual Community meeting that took place this year.
Participating to APOTECACommunity means talking about all the developments introduced during the previous year and trying, through conversation and confront between Loccioni experts and the clinicians of the hospitals, to detect future solutions to bring to light and put on the market.

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