Training course in Reggio Calabria

The training course for the use of APOTECAchemo at the Azienda Ospedaliera “Bianchi, Melacrino, Morelli” in Reggio Calabria, ended last week.

 Dr. Maria Altomonte, director of the pharmacy, has stated that the degree of learning was excellent and the trainees started working autonomously, yet.

All the team and her, Dr. Antonio Nesci, Ada Bianca, Francesca Placanica, Gina Funaro, Domenico Siclari, Giuseppe Spagnolo and Serenella Morabito are very satisfied with the change they are enjoying.

Later on, the director avowed that she hopes making, within few months, 80% of automated preparations per day.

Thanks to the introduction of APOTECAchemo, the people in charge of the Divisions meet frequently in order to go through and rationalize times, therapies and costs; actually, the System will involve a reorganization of processes.This is a great goal for the Riuniti of Reggio Calabria, the first Calabrian hospital compounding automatic drug preparations in total safe way, both for the patient and for the user.

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