APOTECAchemo is coming to light at IRST

On Thursday, June 23rd, at 11.00 p.m., APOTECAchemo system will be inaugurated at IRST (Istituto Scientifico Romagnolo per lo Studio e la  Cura dei Tumori) in Meldola. This system will enter an Hospital that has always been in the forefront from the point of view of technology and ready to grasp the new developments offered by the progress of technique.Strongly wanted by the Scientific Direction of IRST lead by Prof. Dino Amadori, by the Sanitary Direction and by the Direction of the Pharmacy of Oncology, APOTECAchemo will play a central role within the workflow of tumor therapies. For the Pharmacy of Oncology of IRST, all this represents a further step towards the complete control of quality of drugs compounded thanks to the shared use of the same computer programme by the Pharmacy Laboratory, the Day Hospital and the Hospitalization ward. The optimization of activities and the increase of efficiencies concerning the management of therapy prescriptions are thoroughly reached.

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