Ancona Hospital and APOTECA riceive ICT Prize

Yesterday 3rd May Dr Nadia Storti Health Director of Ancona University Hospital was awarded the “ICT in Health care: innovation in search for a player“  prize, by the Milan Politecnico’s School of Management during the presentation in the Health care section of Osservatorio ICT in Sanità  research results symposium held at Milan Politecnico. APOTECA project developed with Loccioni humancare received the award in the category “Hospital processes drugs software management”.

APOTECA project has already developed the first automatic system to well defined doses of  chemotherapic drugs and now has developed software to manage the distribution of these drugs from pharmacy to the patient. The combination of automation of the delivery of doses of chemotherapeutic drugs and computerization with Log80 software for APOTECAchemo has led to the elimination of errors in different phases of the drug delivery. Specifically this approach has customizing care by ensuring data integrity and safety, documentation and treaceability of the activities performed, decreasing the professional risk for the operators and optimizing the process for the preparation of doses of chemotherapics to delivery to the patient. 

APOTECA has distinguished itself by automating the preparation of well-defined doses of highly toxic chemotherapeutic drugs that was previously performed manually by pharmacy personnel and the integration and validation of all the information from prescription to administration.  An addictional important factor that influenced the judges was the involvement of all personnel in oncology, hematology and pharmacology who shared their requirements and expertise with Loccioni humancare team and thereby made APOTECA project possible.

In terms of numbers, in the first months of this oncology, hematology and pharmacology colloaboration, the project has: 

- treated 798 patients
- added and validated 430 additional protocols
- prepared 8,982 doses of chemoterapeutic drugs from prescription to administration
- used 97 different chemoterapeutic drugs from prescription to administration
- involved 79 clinicians
- more than 95% of the preparation of doses of chemotherapeutic drugs has been performed with APOTECAchemo automated system.

APOTECA project has been created by Lab@AOR, Loccioni humancare laboratory at Ancona Hospital. This success is only possible as a result of dialogues and exchange of technical/medical ideas with the hospital staff. The APOTECA involves the integration of the needs of oncology and hematology with the drug delivery of pharmacology via the DATAcenter software network at Ancona hospital. This project also represents an example of the benefit of targeted pubblic-private collaboration to the improvemnt of patient health care through sharing of expertise from critical disciplines.

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