APOTECA the solution to re-organize processes

Yesterday,  May 11th, Ancona Hospital AOU Ospedali Riuniti was invited by Dr. Mario Corsi at AUSL 12 in Viareggio in order to expound the re-organization of the hematology and oncology  processes  in Ancona Hospital thanks to APOTECA system by Loccioni humancare.

Dr. Celestino Bufarini, the person in charge of AOU’S dispensary,  explained that the quality of the activities taking place in the dispensary have been improving after installing APOTECAchemo, the robot for the automatic preparation of drug compound in total safe way.
The oncology and hematology process in the hospital was re-engineered thanks to APOTECAchemo so that the accuracy, quality and safety reached in the dispensary will spread over the whole therapy of patients instead of being circumscribed to the dispensary.

Dr. Valeria Rosini
, member of Loccioni humancare validation team, outlined several analysis and meetings, carried out thanks to the collaboration of Ancona hospital clinicians, aiming to detect critical phases and take into consideration corrective actions that will be implemented in order to improve the patient care. This is how the computerization, integration and traceability process from prescription to administration started.

Concerning this issue, Dr. Martina Chiarucci, hematology doctor at Ancona hospital, explained that every activity in her ward, from prescription to administration, is traced, integrated and sped up. The identification of patients, therapy and nurses prevents the making of mistakes, and this is what patients appreciate most.

The discussion about automation and re-engineering of processes aroused the interest of the people attending the meeting and clinicians who, coming also form other hospitals, rose several questions.

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