APOTECA is settling in the Marche

In Palazzo Romani-Adami a press conference concerning the donations of Carima Foundation in the sanitary field has been held.

The people attending the conference and thus celebrating  the investments of the Foundation were: Piero Ciccarelli General Manager of ASUR Marche , Alessandro Marini Director of Zona Territoriale nr 8 in Civitanova Marche and many  doctors  coming from several hospitals involved.

Among all donations, also APOTECA: the system by Loccioni humancare which allows the compound of chemioterapic drugs to be automatic, and lets the workflow of information between the pharmacy and the oncology ward to be controlled and harmonized by monitoring the oncological therapy, in the Hospital of Macerata, from prescription to medication.

APOTECA becomes part of a broader project of Area Vasta (a broad network of several hospitals belonging to the same region which share devices, experiences and goals) which planned to strenghten and enhance all the three territorial areas of the region (Macerata, Camerino, Civitanova); Carima Foundation has chosen to provide facilities which are able to implement  still further the excellent service enjoyable in Macerata, thus substantially improving the quality of the Public Health Service of the area.

At the end of the conference, Dr. Luciano Latini, head of the oncological ward of Macerata Hospital, thanked the Foundation for carring out an investment which permits to guarantee:
1. Patient’s safety
2. Doctor’s safety
3. Alignment with the greatest Italian oncological hospitals
4. Enhancement of the socio-sanitary and industrial network of the area�

Dr. Latini has subsequently stated: “In so far as the workflow of the oncology in Macerata is concerned, our commitment has always been that of taking care of patients as a whole rather than of the only tumor illness. Certainly, many other people strongly believe in this slogan; thus, thanks to the collaboration of people who donate, produce and make possible to obtain valid results a further new possibility for patients is coming to light, namely that of taking advantage of the innovations which the field of technology places at our disposal. All this, leads to a concrete benefit concerning the quality and security of the services supplied”.

Parallel to the conference, Dr. Adriano Giglioni, Director of the Hospital Pharmacy Service, stated: “The adoption of the APOTECAchemo System, placed in a centralized laboratory for the compound of oncological therapies, fulfil the aims, greately desired and upheld by the Hospital Pharmacy Service, such as updating to current regulations and to elevated standards of quality and patient’s and doctor’safety. The possibility of reaching technological innovation and the organizational model of APOTECAchemo System, strenghten the commitment of the headquarters towards excellence in so  far as the health care in the field of oncology is concerned.”

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