The nutrition rule

The cancer is the most widespread disease of the current century; thanks to research today it is well known in many different aspects, more than some decades ago. The possibility to find the tumour since the first growing steps has made therapies more efficient and resolutive than in the past.

Nowadays, the research is moving towards the disease prevention, rather than focusing all the efforts simply on care.
Indeed, various studies demonstrated that smoking does not represent the first cause of cancer, as always believed, but more significant are bad food habits. A good nutrition should be adopted in everybody’s life style, especially in oncology patient whose diet should be followed by a dietician and a nutritionist since the beginning.
Actually, the data so far collected attest that more than 8 patients out of 10 lose weight during the illness, whereas the 20-30% die for malnutrition.
Last week, Dr. Oscar Betetto declared at “the clinic nutrition in oncology patient” convention the need for increasing importance of nutrition in preventing and treating the oncology patients. The director of Piemonte and Val d’Aosta Oncology Network added that the attention paid to healthy food habits should not start with illness emerging but it should be integrated in social culture as prevention. 

The IEO (European Institute of Oncology) scientific director, Umberto Veronesi, left the same statement in one of a cycle lessons held at the University of  Rome “La Sapienza last month. He explained as the bad food habit is the cause of tumour disease in 35% of the analyzed cases.
In support of his assertion, the professor took as example the colon tumour which is rather diffused in countries where meat eating is not very frequent.
Thanks to the prevention, many cancer deaths can be avoided: nowadays it is necessary to identify the disease cause in order to avoid or contain them through the alimentation.

Loccioni humancare considers nutrition as a future medicine and warranty of wellness goal. Loccioni humancare activities, discussions, projects and Community are positively influenced by a healthy diet as a philosophy.

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