EAHP Congress

The annual European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) Congress this year took place in Wien from 30th March to 1st April.

In this 16th edition whose title is “Hospital pharmacists in a changing world-opportunities and challenges”, the pharmacist role and professionalism were the main objects of the issues discussed.
For example, in “Hospital based production versus industry” seminars considered European legislation about pharmaceutics preparations and their medical requirements with the aim of assuring higher quality standards and drastically bringing costs down.
Trends in hospital field, both for oncologic and parenteral nutrition preparations, is going into two directions:
- centralization of hospital pharmacy in specific centers supplying preparations to other pharmacies or hospitals.
- out-sourcing of therapies by the industry.
In the first case, the hospital pharmacy costs are optimized and spread on an extended territory even if a series of problems are connected as there is not a law ruling this kind of activity. In particular the seminar aroused the need of adapting to productivity standards with consequently remarkable investments by the pharmacy.
In the second case in view of an immediate economic advantage an unavoidable therapy standardization could reduce an essential part of the pharmacist and doctor expertise such as the highly customized therapies.

In this dilemma, the automatized compound systems like APOTECAchemo represent the best solution both for hospital and patient. These systems allow to maintain the customized therapies production in the hospital pharmacy guaranteeing quality standards at the same level of industrial production and containing costs lower than manual compound.

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