IEO has an automated pharmacy too

Once validated the IEO pharmacy space and completed the training course, the medical staff of IEOEuropean Oncology Institute – is ready to use APOTECAchemo System. The training course was attended by a pharmacist, eight technical pharmacists and a chief technician, all of them positively welcoming the Loccioni humancare automatized System in the pharmacy and its utility. In fact, it is able to eliminate the human errors, protect the sanitary staff working on the System and, last but not least, guarantee the complete drugs traceability. The last training cycle lies in using hazardous drugs and managing the daily pharmacy activity. The medical staff with a Loccioni technician used APOTECA at full stretch understanding the potential benefit that the System can bring to the onco-hematology workflow. In two weeks of training more than 200 preparations were compounded, 3 news drugs were validated and in some days half daily activities were managed with APOTECA System. It is a good result thinking that the onco-hematology workflow has to be still re-organized. Since the IEO pharmacy is shifting its activity from manual to automatized therapy preparations it needs, for sure, to plan its own resources in other way in order to optimize the processes. It is a necessary step to guarantee the safety and total control to sanitary operators and patients. IEO is a new entry in APOTECACommunity that will give its own scientific contribution integrating even further the excellent and variegated group created by Loccioni humancare.

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