National Oncology Plan 2011-2013

Italian Health Ministry, Ferruccio Fazio, explained the guide line of the National Oncology Plan and Rehabilitation Policy Plan programmed for 2011-2013 focused on the patient centered therapy according to an article in Sole 24 Ore Sanità of last 10th February.

One theme treated is the elimination of the big gap existing between North and South Italy in terms of patients service quality in the hospitals. The oncology patient moves from one structure to another looking for the best therapy and doctor collecting medical prescriptions which do not communicate each other causing the fragmentation of the patient care.
In fact, each Local Sanitary Structure should guarantee assistance during both the oncology therapy and rehabilitation taking charge of patient care into an individual rehabilitation project.

The guidelines of National Oncology Plan are resumed by four fundamental points: prevention, patient oncology workflow, devices technological updating and innovation. Innovation is at the base of the plan, in fact, the possibility to improve efficacy and efficiency of the care is linked to new technologies providing all digital information on the patient, making his own oncology workflow nimble, reducing waiting time, eliminating information errors transfer, and dedicating more time and care to the relationship with the patient.

In order to guarantee an accurate care it is necessary the EHR – Electronic Health Record facilitates the access to the clinical patient history consequently ensuring an assistance continuity: it is for this reason that the HER guidelines have established that each region must present a minimum packet of documents.

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