Reggio Calabria hospital chooses APOTECAchemo

Building works are coming to end at the hospital pharmacy of “Bianchi Melacrino Morellihospital of Reggio Calabria. The structure is ready to receive APOTECAchemo, the only one System for the automated compounding of antiblastic drugs.  It has changed the way of preparing antitumoral therapies making them safer, accurate and controlled.

Bianchi Melacrino Morelli” is the first Calabria region structure focusing on automation. The choice was made with the whole awareness and conviction that automation is a necessary and essential step confirmed by the construction of new sites too. APOTECAchemo is a turning point for the hospital which has not so far had a pharmacy inside its own structure. By now there are all requirements to start information and centralization process of the whole onco-hematology workflow from prescription to administration.

The problem of pharmacy lack inside hospitals involves different structures in Italy. Chemotherapic compounding  operations are still made in manual way at the administration ward without the adequate attentions requested for the high toxic drugs manipulations.

As usual, in a short time APOTECAchemo will be installed and the medical operators will be formed to work at the System.

APOTECACommunity automatically grows up. With this new entry, the Community is represented by a wide number of hospitals, from north to south Italy, which helps Loccioni humancare to create new standardized solutions tailored to each customer and his own needs.

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