APOTECAchemo installed at IRST of Meldola

APOTECAchemo is being finnaly installed by Loccioni humancare technicians in IRST (Istituto Romanagnolo per lo Studio e la Cura dei Tumori) new antiblastic rooms.

APOTECAchemo perfectly matches with the innovative and technological solutions of IRST structure. Once validating the rooms, appropriately re-buit to house and guarantee chemotherapic drugs preperation total safety, the medical staff will be ready to be trained in order to correctly use the new System.

The training will be carried out by Loccioni humancare technicians supporting the medical team in the daily System use.

The course is organized in two parts:  in the first step Loccioni humancare staff teaches how to use APOTECA System by means of placebo solutions. In the second one, chemotherapy drugs will be used.

After the training, the medical staff will be able to confidentially use APOTECAchemo.

Thanks to IRST already using Log80 software, the installation and integration between pharmacy and wards will be easier and faster.

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