Inaugurated APOTECAchemo at Bolognini of Seriate

Wednesday 7th of  December in the Pesenti-Fenaroli Hospital, Alzano Lombardo (Bergamo), APOTECAchemo was presented after a last update.

General director Dr. Amadeo, underlined the importance of a total controlled and automated preparation in an area, the oncology one, where personalized therapy is increasing everyday more.

The director of the pharmacy Dr.Angelo Barcella and the responsable for the cytotoxic preparation, Dr. Maria Teresa Benzoni focused on the positive aspects of  APOTECA: safety, control, total quality and total reduction of risks for the technicians and furthermore for the patients.

MD Giuseppe Nastasi, director of the oncology, will start soon to work also with the workflow software Log80forAPOTECAchemo: information are safe and controlled from the prescription to the administration. A special integration with the warehouse is going to be realized to guarantee the correct counting of the cytotoxic drugs.

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