IEO, the inauguration of APOTECAchemo


The IEO, European Institute of Oncology, joins to APOTECACommunity of  Loccioni humancare, already composed of Italian excellence in research and treatment of cancer.

The community has always been considered as an  opportunity of dialogue between the system APOTECAchemo’s users, which allow all professionals in the sector onco-haematological ,to share the  ideas further developments of the system APOTECAchemo and new solutions in medicine and health.

The European Institute of Oncology, founded by Professor Umberto Veronesi, wants to be an innovative model of health care and advanced research in the oncology field with an international “breathing”,  thanks also  to his staff, composed by Directors of Divisions and Units which come from eight European countries.

The Institute, which has always been focused on high technologies and solutions to ensure excellent quality levels in cancer treatment, has introduced the system APOTECAchemo improving and integrating the plan to renew the oncology pharmacy department of IEO 2.

The choice of APOTECAchemo, has been strongly supported by Dr. Emanuela Omodeo Sale, Director of Pharmacy and accepted with enthusiasm by Dr. Leonardo La Pietra, the Medical Director of IEO.

Both, consider APOTECAchemo, the anticancer drugs automatic compounding system of Loccioni humancare, indispensable to remain the leader in technology, innovation and research, without failing the excellent service from the qualitative point of view: the maximum safety for the operator and the patient must be unquestionable.

This week is taking place at the pharmacy of IEO, the training of cold to health workers, or the training on the job, on the system APOTECAchemo with the use of placebo solutions to allow the  users to take confidence with the new technology.

The training will and soon the cycle with the formation of hot which consist in a use the System with anticancer drugs, under the supervision of scientific expert from the Loccioni Humancare.

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