APOTECAchemo is the protagonist at IFHRO 2010

The MIC Convention Center in Milan will host IFHRO 2010, the XVI Congress of the International Federation of Health Records Organizations from 15 to 19 November 2010.

The Congress is held for the first time in Italy.

The IFHRO organization is affiliated to the World Health Organization and was established in 1968 as a forum bringing together national organizations committed to improving the use of medical records in their own countries.

The forum becomes a unique opportunity to share experiences internationally and to get an idea of the state of the art in the medical and health world.

This sixteenth edition entitled “Better Information for Better Health” will focus on topics such as health information management, security and privacy for the patient, electronic medical records, management of health information up to the management and integration of care and systems classification, clinical coding and data quality.

Loccioni humancare, among the sponsors of the event, will bring its experience talking about the reengineering of the strategic path designed to completely avoid human errors. APOTECAchemo is, as a matter of fact, the only system for the automatic preparation of anticancer drugs monitoring the entire flow of the onco-haematological chain through a computerized, secure, complete and integrate cycle. Thanks to a bar code reading system, the patient’s security and privacy is completely guaranteed.

On 17 November at 14:45, Ph.D. Demis Paolucci will hold a conference to illustrate how the system APOTECAchemo can perfectly be integrated into the flow of activity of both outpatient departments and everyday activities of the ward. The meeting will take place in the ORANGE ROOM, Session A 06.

The occasion to deepen the theme examined by Ph.D. Paolucci is the participation on November 19th to the visit to the IEO – European Institute of Oncology – as foreseen in the program. The participants, led by Dr. Leonardo La Pietra, will have the chance to visit the hospital pharmacy of the IEO 2 where the APOTECAchemo system is installed.

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