Inauguration at IST of Genova


Saturday, November 6. The official presentation of APOTECAchemo took place at the Day Hospital of the IST of Genoa. APOTECA is the only System for the automated preparation of chemotherapeutic drugs.

The event has raised considerable interest and was attended by several hospital representatives as the Galliera Hospital in Liguria, the Gaslini Hospital,  ASL 4  Chiavarese and ASL 5 Spezzino. The occasion has also involved various political representatives. The IST of Genoa confirms again its pioneering nature and it’s the first regional hospital to install the system APOTECAchemo.

The General Director of the Institute Dr. Gian Franco Ciappina opened the press conference and  enthusiastically explained to the audience all the investments made from 2008 to this day, adding the hospital with modern equipment as the last new entry APOTECAchemo. A significant step for the Institute because, in addition to ensuring maximum safety and full traceability of a therapy, the system allows a better management of its portfolio. The Director Dr. Ciappina pointed out that APOTECAchemo allows the hospital around €200.000 cost savings per annum.

The Scientific Director Prof. Riccardo Rosso and Dr. Maria  Attilia Grassi explained how it is possible to have a more qualified and humanized care, thanks to the APOTECAchemo system. It effectively provides a cycle being monitored, safe and computerized, eliminating human errors and ensuring a highly accurate preparation.

Dr. Eng. Claudio Loccioni concluded the meeting stating the mission of Loccioni humancare that aims at collaborating with excellence institutes such as the IST of Genoa because such centers allow to set higher and higher goals constantly improving the quality of solutions and services.

An intent that is being carried out through the meetings of the APOTECACommunity. Several occasions to concretely compare the various experiences on the system organized by Loccioni humancare involving all users of APOTECAchemo. All the community members all called to debate about the system, the organization of work in the Pharmacy Unit for cytotoxic drug preparation and its specific needs. The information gathered are aimed at a continuous development of the whole system APOTECAchemo.

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