From IFHRO to IEO’s pharmacy

Last Thursday was closed in Milan at the MIC, Milan Convention Center, the “IFHRO 2010”,the International Organization established to discuss as well as to improve the medical records management,

In one of different sessions organized, has spoken the scientific Loccioni humancare, Ph D. Demis Paolucci, who explained the project APOTECA produced at the Hospital of Ancona.

The discussion started form the installation and validation of APOTECAchemo, only system for the automatic preparation of anticancer drugs, to the re-engineering with the onco-haematological digitization and integration of electronic information.

The presentation has passionate the audience, especially the methodological approach to the analysis of clinical risks and the subsequent implementation of solutions to mitigate risk factors.

Following the event, Friday November 19th , a delegation of the conference attendees, including the new steering IFHRO nominated during the conference and some representatives of the World Health Organization, took part at the visit of the ‘European Institute of Oncology , one of the excellence of the “Healthcare Facilities in Milan.”

Particular interest has aroused the visit to the local pharmacy, strongly desired by Dr. Emanuela Omodeo Salè (director of pharmacy) and manufactured according to the latest guidelines and safety guidelines.

Attention has been catalyzed by the operational choices made by the content and highly innovative technological solutions installed, in particular APOTECAchemo.

The tour ended in a pharmacy with a demo of the functionality of the System of Loccioni Humancare, recently installed in the pharmacy of the IEO

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