APOTECAchemo Foligno opening

Next October 14th an event to welcome APOTECAchemo will be held in San Giovanni Battista Hospital Foligno (Umbria Region), Sala  Alesini, 11.00 am.
The previous automated System for chemotherapy preparation was upgraded to APOTECAchemo: faster, connected and user friendly automation to confirm the innovative mission and  the attention to patient safety of the Hospital in Foligno

Will share their testimonies: Dr. Maria Gigliola Rosignoli (General Manager of ASL 3 Umbria Foligno), Dr. Paolo Lilli (Director of Pharmacy ASL 3 Umbria, Foligno), Dr. Sandro Fratini (Medical Director of ASL 3 Umbria Foligno) Dr. Maria Antonietta Calzola (Oncology Pharmacy responsible ASL 3 Umbria, Foligno), Dr. Francesca Melis (Medical Oncology ASL 3 Umbria, Foligno), Dr. Claudio Loccioni (responsible for Loccioni humancare), Prof. Maurizio Tonato, Umbria Regional Oncology Network Coordinator (R.O.R.).

Download  the invitation

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