The Cardio-oncology

Il Sistema di allestimento automatico di antiblastici di Loccioni humancare a Medicina33

The importance of the collaboration between oncologists and cardiologists has been the issue of the service dedicated service to the treatment of cancer in today’s Tg2 Medicina 33.
Curing the cancer for a patient with heart diseases  is a very delicate phase because they must avoid negative consequences to the heart.

The focus on the case is really high, in fact, it was found that in some cases the heart’s ability to contract decreases in three out of ten patients. For this reason a new branch, that of cardio-oncology involving a close collaboration between cardiologists and oncologists is being created.
It is interesting to notice how automation during the compounding phase of cytotoxic drugs is now considered as a  reality and not as a future promise. The video shows the Automatic system of Loccioni humancare installed at the pharmacy of the ‘Azienda Policlinico Umberto I in Rome.

View the video (from the seventh minute)

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