APOTECA was created in Foligno

Asl 3 Umbria of Foligno was the first hospital of APOTECACommunity renovated by installing the new Pacchetto APOTECA that allows through software and hardware modifications to achieve with the previous systems performances comparable to APOTECA ones in terms of speed, computer integration and design. Together with the activation of the updating the training course was held for pharmacists and technicians working with the new System.

The pharmacy has changed its appearance: a new look thanks to Isao Hosoe Design who gave a new style to UFA machine and furnishing and a more efficient workflow.

APOTECAchemo has become fully operational in the work of pharmacy and a productivity of 40% has been registered.

The future actions at the Hospital of Foligno will cover the entire tumor blood path; thanks to the application of Log80 for the drug prescription and administration steps.

Log80 is, in fact, the software that the Rete Oncologica della Regione Umbria (R.O.R.) is considering as a unique software for all its hospitals.

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