The art of oncology care

Reworking the data and information collected through the learning game organized during APOTECACommunity event, the importance of creative activities for cancer patients has been demonstrated.
The possibility of entertainment, the need of not feeling sick and especially the desire of not considering the hospital as the place of treatment rather than a place where other activities are possible, represent the guiding principles for the patient.

Current issue also treated in Manuela Perrone’s  “When art <<cures>> cancer” in Sole 24 Ore Sanità. The issue is focused all around patients’ needs. Core issues of this theme are the Regina Elena Cancer Institute and San Gallicano Dermatological Institute, which since December 2008 have decided to start a project of assistance humanization. Its name is Vales (from ” Valeo si Vales”, “I’m fine if you’re fine”) and is structured on four steps aimed at strengthening the standards of quality and hospitality of both institutions.

Besides this project, last 22nd   June, always in the two institutions, the permanent laboratory has been officially inaugurated , composed of clinicians, psychologists, architects, artists, theologians and philosophers. Built by a group of doctors, the laboratory reflects on the combination between “art and cancer” able to lead the patient to the center of any care strategy. Combination shared by several psychologists, such as Stefania Torelli sustaining that art serving cancer patients may represent a valuable means for understanding and giving a sense  to further speechless experiences. Even Emanuela Lopez believes in the potential of artistic disciplines, with the mind of a psychologist, as well as of a pianist, declaring  that music can be an instrument to distract the patients and a means to facilitate communication.
Scheduled for December is the project of opening the workshop, during which the results of six months of activity and feasibility of an organization at the national level will be discussed.

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