Loccioni humancare at Forum PA

On May 18th, within the Forum PA, there will be the meeting organized by FIASO (Federation of Italian Health Authorities and hospitals) in collaboration with AGENAS (National Agency for Regional Health Services) with the theme Competences and needs for managerial training in Health. Analysis of state and perspectives on key figures of top and middle industrial management.

The discussion will focus on the results of a study conducted in 2008 by FIASO and AGENAS to review the competences and the need of managerial training in many Italian regions.

Speakers will include key figures in administration, health care and education to discuss on how to define professionals to ensure high quality of skills of the SSN.

Among the participants: Renato Balduzzi, AGENAS President; Giovanni Monchiero, FIASO President; Enrico Bollero, General Managers Forum Coordinator – FederSanità ANCI; Elena Rebora, Cusas University of Florence; Francesco Saverio Mennini, CEIS, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”; Sabina Nuti, MES Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa; Francesco Longo, Director – Cergas Bocconi University; Valerio Alberti, FIASO Vice President and General Manager ULSS 3 Bassano (VI); Enrico Loccioni, Loccioni Group President; Claudio Loccioni, Loccioni humancare manager; Fulvio Mirano, AGENAS Director; Walter Ricciardi, Hygiene Institute Director, Università Cattolica of Rome and EUPHA President; Carlo Lucenti, Deputy for Health Policies, Emilia-Romagna region; Massimo Russo, Health Deputy Sicily Region.
The debate will be moderated by Cesare Fassari, Director of “Quotidiano Sanità”, the coordination will be entrusted to Gianfranco Rossini, Personnel Policies Coordinator – AGENAS and Nicola Pinelli, FIASO Research Projects Manager.
Minister Ferruccio Fazio will conclude the interventions.  


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