From 5th to 8th May the  XII International Congress ISOPP was held in Prague, the  international association of oncology pharmacists.
The conference takes place every two years. During this last edition 700 members participated from all over the world to confront on the issues and problems of the oncology sector.

Within  Fundamentals session – Introduction to technologies, Dr. Celestino Bufarini, anticancer drugs preparation laboratory manager of Ospedali Riuniti of Ancona was invited to speak about the activity carried out in Ancona Antiblastic Drugs Unit. A company standing for innovation and quality.
In his “Robotics” presentation, he spoke about the three-year collaboration with Loccioni humancare originating the first highly automated laboratory.
Started with the inclusion of a robot for chemotherapy products preparation automation it has been possible to achieve the full computerization and digitization of all information and products handled. A solution at the beginning adopted with distrust and fear which transformed into an essential and necessary system.
The report has gained attention and interest, numerous were the questions: from the entity of the activity carried out in the hospital pharmacy analyzed to the quantity of drugs used, from the qualification of the personnel involved to the productivity of pharmacy and APOTECA System.

Download the presentation.

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